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Innovation through an [underline]API-first mindset[/underline]

Innovation is all about increasing momentum and staying ahead of the curve.

For a faster route to innovation, you need speed that keeps you ahead of the rest and technology that gives you the ability to deliver more.

To help you do this, we make APIs the foundation of everything we do so that you have access to scalable, partner-shaped technology that will keep your business growing in the long-term.


Introducing [underline]Rapid 3[/underline] - built for innovation, built to last

Built with a modular architecture, EPS Rapid allows you to pick and choose which functionality to use, no matter the version you’re on.

And now, we’re fast tracking development to bring you the latest innovations with the new Rapid 3. You’ll benefit from a steady stream of new features as soon as they’re available with no wait time, for years to come.

Drive your business forward with Rapid 3

Forget about upgrades and get the latest features faster.

Put travelers front and center with loyalty rewards and more competitive cancellation policies.

Simplify your processes and transactions with easier access to deposit information and PSD2 setup.

No more upgrades or waiting 6 months for new releases.

Get the latest features [underline]faster[/underline]

We know that it’s challenging to keep up with constant upgrades and deprecations. That’s why we have built Rapid 3 to last - once integrated, you get instant access to new capabilities without having to upgrade every 6 months. So, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve and deliver more to surprise and delight travelers.  

Give travelers more choice and flexibility with multiple cancellation policies.

Put travelers [underline]front and center[/underline]

Happy loyal travelers - that’s what we all strive for and what the new Rapid 3 capabilities aim to achieve.

Give travelers more choice and flexibility by leveraging the new tiered cancellation functionality. We return multiple cancellation policies in our itinerary response for over 10% of our properties, so that you can show travelers the best and most competitive option. More competitive cancellation policies also help reduce anxiety at booking and improve conversion rates.

And that’s not all. You can also reward loyalty and help travelers earn more points and rewards by capturing their loyalty program details and passing them onto properties. Meaning a seamless traveler experience that offers them more.

[underline]Simplify[/underline] your processes and transactions

Looking for simple ways to stay compliant with regulatory changes, while also driving technology efficiencies? Rapid 3 can help with that too.

If you’re working on your PSD2 compliance, you can now select a payment service provider of your choice and support only one PSD2 solution.

Struggling with getting deposit information? The deposit policies are now easily accessible alongside pricing and availability, all in one API call.

Coming [underline]soon[/underline]

Direct access to 500k+ Vrbo vacation rentals

The long-awaited direct access to Vrbo vacation rentals is coming soon. Capitalize on the booming vacation rental market and offer travelers even more unique experiences. Stay tuned for more!

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