Competitive rates with higher margins


An [underline]opportunity[/underline] borne from challenge

Wholesale distribution has been messy and complex. Competitive prices have been in direct trade-off with higher margins and trying to balance the two has been a challenge. An opaque, complex wholesale landscape made rate misuse a common occurrence and undermined trust within the industry.

So we created a solution.


hotel chains are Optimized Distribution members

The path [underline]forward[/underline]

Expedia Group developed the optimized distribution (OD) program alongside hotel and demand partners to create a win-win solution for the entire industry. With OD, hotels get greater reach, as well as more visibility and control. In return, they share specially contracted distribution rates with Expedia Group demand partners.

The result is a highly effective feedback loop that generates a positive, self-enforcing cycle for both sides - hotel partners share what sells and demand partners sell what’s shared.

The OD program is quickly gaining traction. Over 20 hotels have joined since the program’s launch in 2019, including major chains like Marriott, Highgate, and Club Quarters. And the best part is, it’s easy to reap the benefits.

Benefits of optimized distribution rates

Competitively priced rates that give travelers the best value

Higher margin bringing you incremental revenue

An easy (and lucrative) way for your business to set the standard


room types worldwide

Get competitive rates with [underline]higher margins[/underline]

Distribution rates are already available for over 150,000 room types worldwide from international chains. This means that you'll get higher margins for same end prices, from brands that travelers already trust and love.

It’s [underline]quick and easy[/underline] to make the most of OD

For all of the powerful advantages that distribution rates bring, they’re surprisingly simple to implement. In fact, you already have access to distribution rates through the same connections you’re using now.

Plus, a few easy steps will help you optimize your distribution rates even more:

  • For template partners - You’ll automatically benefit from an optimized setup the moment optimized distribution rates are switched on.
  • For EPS Rapid partners - Mapping relevant properties and including margin in your sort and display prioritization will unlock even greater benefits.

You can monitor the performance of your distribution rates via your regular lodging reports in your EPS Account.

Set the [underline]new industry[/underline] standard

Expedia Group is rebuilding trust within the industry by fostering a win-win solution for both supply and demand. This puts us in a unique position to continue building on the success of our established and expanding optimized distribution program.

Now you can be a part of positive change while reaping rewards for your company and travelers.

[underline]The win-win solution[/underline] - a success story

We have seen major hotel chains adjust their OD set-up in order to channel more business through Expedia Group demand partners. Just recently, a hotel chain agreed to adapt their OD set-up, as a result a partner’s percentage of high-margin OD bookings increased by over 15% - a win for them, and for the hotel chain.

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