[underline]Boost[/underline] traveler booking confidence with ratings and reviews


of travelers read reviews before booking.*

The power of user-generated content

Today's travelers are turning to online ratings and reviews more than ever before. This type of user-generated content provides influential social proof about real guest experiences, and is a powerful motivator during the booking process. Studies show that an overwhelming 95% of travelers read reviews before booking and 32-39% of Millennials won’t book a hotel without seeing some source of user-generated content.* 


Source: How user generated content is motivating travel purchase decisions

[underline]Influence[/underline] travelers with 82+ million ratings and 57+ million reviews

At Expedia Group, we have a wealth of user-generated content from across our brands. We ask travelers who have recently completed a stay to rate and review the property, so the information they share is always relevant and up-to-date. 

Tapping into the need to help travelers make more informed decisions, you can access 57+ million verified reviews and 82+ million traveler ratings from across Expedia Group through Rapid API.  

Rapid's Guest Reviews API addresses a significant gap in the market at a time when high-quality reviews are key to increasing conversion.. With new reviews added every day, you’ll be giving your travelers the content they’re looking for to feel confident about booking their trip. And user-generated content has real business impact: Reviews API users see an 18%* average boost in conversion. 

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  • Performance data from subset of Rapid API partners using Guest Reviews API. Please note, specific conversion increase is not guaranteed by Expedia Group.

70% of travelers read 4 or more reviews before developing enough trust to make a purchase.*


We’ve designed the Reviews API to make it easy for you to receive and display reviews for a specific property in the right language. Once an API call is made, it returns up to 100 reviews for the requested property in the specified language, giving travelers the information they need to trust they’re making the right decision.


of properties have been rated


Expedia Group travelers are asked to rate a property on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. The average of these ratings is then displayed underneath the property as an overall rating out of 5 stars. With over 82 million verified ratings available, nearly every property travelers see will have a rating to guide them. 

The better the property rating, the more likely a traveler is to consider booking it. Over 66% of our properties are rated 4 stars or higher by travelers, so you can rest easy knowing that with your Rapid integration, travelers have access to top-quality properties.


Sometimes travelers want more granular detail on a property. We currently collect traveler sub-ratings (on a scale of 1 to 5) from Expedia Group travelers across 12 categories* - like cleanliness, amenities, and staff and service - for each property. You can choose whether to display just the overall average or the full breakdown of each sub-category.

  • This feature is available on Rapid 2.4
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