Give the world a shot

Expedia Group brands globally unite to bolster UNICEF’s global vaccination efforts


At Expedia Group, we believe in the importance of having an equitable world. It is essential that everyone, everywhere has access to vaccines, but currently, less than 1% of global supply is reaching those living in low-income countries. It's time to do more.

The Expedia Group family of brands are coming together and calling on travelers to join in an effort to help safely re-open the world, one trip and one shot at a time. We know traveling won’t be the same until the whole world is open to travel, and so, to get there as quickly as possible, we must all help accelerate rapid and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Starting August 5, 2021, each purchase made via Expedia Group’s mobile apps will result in a donation to help UNICEF’s global COVID-19 response, including distributing safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics and treatments, in over 180 countries. With the help of travelers around the world, the Expedia Group family of brands will donate a minimum of $10M to UNICEF’s work.

Why does this partnership matter?

As of August 1, 2021, here are five fast facts you should know:

  • Less than 15% of the world is currently fully vaccinated1
  • Less than 1% of those in low-income economies have received at least 1 dose2
  • Introduction of a vaccine could help prevent the loss of $375 billion to the global economy every month3
  • For every dollar invested in vaccination in the world’s 94 lowest-income countries, $16 are expected to be saved in healthcare costs, lost wages, and lost productivity4
  • Vaccination currently saves between 2 and 3 million lives every year5

The time is now for travelers and the tourism industry to come together and drive change.

“At Expedia Group, we are a passionate group of employees with a deep understanding of the power travel has to expand horizons and strengthen connections. Right now, the most significant obstacle to all people being able to roam the world freely remains the lack of access to COVID-19 vaccines,” said Peter Kern, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Expedia Group. “We support a global and equitable approach to vaccine distribution and embrace efforts to help protect everyone, everywhere. We are proud to contribute to UNICEF and what will be the single largest and most rapid global vaccine deployment ever. I hope other companies, and anyone else who can, will join us in accelerating vaccine rollout, fighting global inequity, and igniting a movement that will help bring the world together. We all must do our part for the world to be truly open again.”

“UNICEF won’t stop until the fight against COVID-19 has been won – but we need the support of both companies and individuals alike in the biggest public health undertaking of our lifetime,” said Michael J. Nyenhuis, President and CEO, UNICEF USA. “With the help of the Expedia Group brands and their dedicated community of travelers, we are one step closer to ending this pandemic and rescuing a generation of children from decades of COVID-caused setbacks.”

UNICEF has spent 75 years building an unprecedented global-health support system and is the only organization with the infrastructure, experience, and expertise already in place to help address the logistical challenge currently facing many low-income countries around the world.

UNICEF is committed to delivering COVID-19 vaccinations to people who need them most, regardless of where they live, through a network of global health organizations, governments, manufacturers, logistics experts, and philanthropic groups.

Full program terms and conditions can be found here. Learn more about UNICEF's work at

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