The VR market has grown

2-4x faster

than the overall economy.

[underline]Focused[/underline] on the future of lodging

Vacation rental occupancy increased by 60%1 during the pandemic, forever changing the face of the vacation rental market as more travelers become familiar - and comfortable - with this alternative source. With more travelers looking for non-traditional lodging in rural or remote destinations, the vacation rental market is expected to reach $113.9 billion by 20272. In other words, if vacation rentals are not part of your supply offering yet, now is the time to reconsider and seize the opportunity.

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Still need convincing?
4 more reasons you should offer vacation rentals:

Average booking values are higher compared to traditional lodging.

Travelers stay longer, especially now with more flexible work and school schedules.

Vacation rentals can help you expand your selection and variety during peak seasons.

Vacation rentals give you the competitive edge to capture pent-up demand for 'safe getaways' and to delight travelers with unique holiday homes.


of vacation rental travelers cited the lower risk of exposure to the virus in less-populated areas as a key selling point.*

  • Source: Quality Counts: The value of OTA travelers, Expedia Group 2020.

The [underline]top 3 reasons[/underline] travelers book vacation rentals

More space at a lower cost

The leading reason why travelers choose a vacation rental over a hotel is for more space and privacy. On average, vacation rentals offer twice the space for half the cost of a hotel room.

Superior amenities

Beyond the savings, travelers choose holiday homes for the superior amenities offered like gourmet kitchens, private pools, home theaters, and hot tubs.

Another bonus of vacation rentals is they’re a great fit for 'flexcationers'. With the increased flexibility in work and school schedules, families are mixing work and play. Vacation rentals provide a “home away from home” getaway with convenient comforts like private swimming pools, backyards, kitchens, and living areas.

Remote location

Many vacation homes are in rural or remote destinations, making them particularly attractive to travelers seeking to escape the crowds.

Who is booking vacation rentals?


45% of vacation rental travelers in 2018 were Millennials


88% of vacation rental travelers plan to travel with family


60% of travelers choose vacation rentals because of the space

Source: Phocuswright, US Consumer Travel 2019: Travel Product Consumption.

Typically between



Bringing friends and family [underline]together[/underline]

Vacation rental travelers are usually family or friends coming together to enjoy a vacation. Travel groups are usually comprised of 5 to 10 guests, including at least 3 adults and 2 children. They often have additional requirements like being allowed to bring pets or having the ability to cook at the property. These travelers also tend to travel more and bring higher-value bookings.

  • High value VR travelers
  • All other travelers
Trips with family
Take 4+ trips per year
Have kids under 18

[underline]A simple solution[/underline] for serving vacation rental bookings

We’ve partnered with the Vrbo team so you can access over 2 million Vrbo vacation rental properties through EPS Rapid. It’s an easy-to-integrate link-off solution that will help you accelerate revenue and get more travelers booking with you.

Vrbo link-off benefits

Leverage the well-established
Vrbo brand to remove hurdles


Access 2 million
vacation rentals

Fast and easy integration

Integrating Vrbo into our search results was a very easy technical lift. The API was very easy to work with. We are now able to service our customers that were looking for alternative properties, which means our overall site booked conversion has improved.

John Prince

Co-Founder and President of HotelPlanner

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